Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I'd been planning a post on resilience, with cool information on exactly what the stat does, and possibly a nifty little table. Well, WoW Insider beat me to it, and did it so much better than I could have ever done. They even have sections for gems and items that give resilience bonuses, including a number than can be gained from drops and quest rewards. There's also a good WoWWiki page on Resilience, which is where I'd started to pick things up a while ago.

To summarize, resilience does three things:
  • Reduces PvP crit damage against you
  • Reduces PvP DoT damage against you
  • Reduces the chance you will be stuck with a critical hit in PvP
The last one is the biggie - if you're facing off against a good-looking Orcish Hunter with 31% crit (anyone we know?) and you have 160 resilience, his crit will go down to 27%. This significantly reduces the chance of you copping his beloved steady/auto/arcane triple crit special to the groin. The same 160 resilience will reduce crit damage by 8% (not bad) and DoT damage by 4% (meh).

I'm still gemming my PvP gear for raids (8ag red, 8crit yellow, 4crit 6stam blue) because a lot of it will be reused in my raid set when I get bit more hit rating. My Gladiator's Chain Spaulders could possibly be re-gemmed, but it hardly seems worth the effort for 12 measly points of resilience. Still, that's 0.3% crit off whoever is attacking me. Hmmmmm.

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