Thursday, March 20, 2008

Finger Lickin' Good

After many attempts and frustrating evenings, The Endless finally downed Al'ar. Victory always tastes best with eleven secret herbs and spices.

Our biggest improvement was in picking up the adds in the second phase. Great work offtanks!

Al'ar didn't drop the Arcanite Steam-Pistol, but he did drop the Talon of Al'ar, a hunter-only trinket that at first glance looks amazing, but is actually pretty lame - the damage bonus doesn't apply to Auto shot. All three hunters in the raid passed on it, so it went down to a random /roll. The rolls were appallingly poor (reflecting our total lack of interest) but I managed to win the race. Hurrah.


Caleb said...

i'm no theorycrafter, but it still looks pretty good. If you hit arcane every 6 seconds, and weave 2 steady shots in between every arcane, thats an extra 80 dmg in 6 sec. so 13 extra dps. If you also throw in a multishot its 120 dmg for 20 extra dps. Not bad i think.

Varshak said...

Interesting... that's some intriguing numbers you have there Caleb. I'll have to see if the auto / steady / auto / steady / arcane rotation works with the trinket. Stay tuned.