Friday, February 15, 2008

Current Addons

I played WoW for a very long time without any addons at all, which I think was a good thing. It's healthy to get an idea of how the basic interface works, and then add to it, particularly as there are a ridiculous number of addons out there that do all sorts of stuff. I'm a bit of a minimalist, and only run the few extra addons that I think I really need. For now, those are:

Omen The most important tool in a Hunter's arsenal, it tracks the threat of everyone in your group. It shows when you can DPS hard, when you need to Feign Death to clear your threat, and even when Feign Death is resisted! I prefer Omen to KTM because of the separate threat targeting, too.

Deadly Boss Mods Vital for raiding, it displays countdown bars and warning for various boss abilities. Being aware of deadly events and changes in phase in these fights is invaluable.

Auctioneer Classic This addon builds an internal database of item prices on the AH, and displays average prices in tooltips. It's a bit dependent on how often you run a scan, but it's worth its weight in gold (literally) when trying to price an item you're unfamiliar with. Personally, I prefer the Classic version of Auctioneer.

Mapcoords (Updated) A small addon that shows simple co-ordinates on the main map screen, both for the character and pointer.

OmniCC I used to run CooldownTimerBars for ages, but recently made the switch and am quite pleased so far. Instead of shrinking bars like DBM, this mod adds a numeric countdown on the action bar and on items in your bags. I find this works better for me, as my eyes are on my action bars during most fights. It also adds a numeric debuff countdown on mobs, which is excellent for keeping Stings and Hunter's Mark up.

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