Monday, February 4, 2008

Kara etc

I managed to finally get a good solid Kara run in on Saturday, which earned me a whopping 19 Heroic Badges and the Drape of the Dark Reavers. We downed everyone except Prince, who decided to stick his Infernals in an uncomfortable place (what... like the back of a Volkswagen?). That drape has some nice hit rating, and will allow me to shuffle a few things around for raids. It'll might even get a run in PvP because of its stamina bonus - my Vengeance Wrap is lovely, but has no stamina bonus at all, which is pretty icky for PvP.

It was really nice to get back into Kara again though, and put the hurt on those old, familiar bosses. I only raid Mondays and Wednesdays, and recently both those evenings have been filled with VR and Lurker runs, with a bit of Gruul on the side. Kara is the easiest way to get badges these days, and not being able to run it severely gimped my progression towards another piece of hit gear - the Gauntlets of Sniping. Now I'm just four badges away, which means that I don't miss Kara so much. I would've liked to down Prince and get that lovely Ring of a Thousand Marks though. Ah well, next time.

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Darkebow said...

v good run with 19 badges!!

Nice cloak - i spent 25 badges on the blood knight war cloak - it is pretty close to this but without the hit.

Current hit is 138 so am at cap - now really need to boost crit chance above 23%.