Saturday, February 2, 2008

Very Early 2.4 Notes

MMO Champion have compiled a pre-release list of changes for the coming 2.4 patch that have been garnered from various blue posts on the forums. Some great stuff in there, although note that any of these may change in the time between now and when the patch goes live. Here are few highlights:
  • Patch 2.4 will remove the restriction for Ritual of Summoning that prevents you from summoning players into instances. Provided the player meets the instance requirements, you'll be able to summon them in from anywhere in the world. Fantastic. Less down time swapping groups members when raiding or running instances. Makes locks even more valuable.
  • Once every 24 hours, through Enchanting (not Alchemy) you'll be able to split a Void Crystal into two Large Prismatic Shards. This is through a new recipe that's being added in 2.4. Good stuff, the market for Large Prismatics has gone through the roof, and most guild banks are filled with unused Void Crystals.
  • Players will now be able to purchase level 70 Superior quality (blue) PvP items from reputation vendors in Outland. If these items are good, this will help solo players to make the leap to endgame content. Hopefully they will be reasonable.
  • Players can now only carry 80 Conjured Manna Biscuits at a time. Solid work, stop people from stealing all the pies.
  • We've reached a point where we're now confident that applying diminishing returns to honor is no longer necessary, and we're currently planning to remove it with the 2.4 patch. Plus, What the removal of diminishing returns means for you is that as soon as you defeat an opponent that rewards you honor, you will receive that honor, and you will be able to spend it right then. There will no longer be an estimate, and you will no longer need to wait until the next day until you can actually spend it. Your achievements through honor-based PvP will be instantaneous. Bloody excellent. No more silly estimates or click-overs - earn your honor and spend it then and there. Two thumbs up.
  • All 25-player raid bosses that drop set tokens will now drop an additional token! Groovy I guess, was it taking ages for people to get their T5 bits? Maybe.
  • All 25-player raid bosses will drop more gold. Good, running TK and SSC was costing me a tonne in repairs, and I get to feign death all the time.
  • Loot dropped by Doomlord Kazzak and Doomwalker has been changed to Bind on Equip. In addition, the cash dropped by these bosses has been significantly increased. Wow, nice. I look forward to seeing the Ring of Reciprocity, the Scaled Greaves of the Marksman, the Black-Iron Battlecloak, and the Barrel-Blade Longrifle on the AH.
This is only the initial list of things for 2.4, and some of them will change, but there's some positive stuff there, even before mentioning all the goodness of the Sunwell Plateau. Huzzah.

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