Monday, February 11, 2008

Hit Rating

I managed to get myself the rather nifty Gauntlets of Sniping the other day, for 60 Badges of Justice. I really should've grabbed these before the Shifting Camouflage Pants because of their excellent hit rating. I was stuck shuffling things around a bit for the last week or so, and it would've been nice to be able to fall back on those gauntlets to keep myself hit capped for raiding.

In case you're wondering, the hit rating cap for level 70 Hunters on level 73 raid bosses is 142, or 95 with 3/3 points in the Surefooted talent in the Survival tree. It's also possible to build a "trash raid set" based on the fact that trash is usually level 71 or 72, and needs less hit rating. This table should help a little:
Mob Level  Hit %  Hit Rating  Hit Rating (Surefooted)  

Note the huge jump from 72 to 73 - this explains how some Hunters flog all manner of head on trash, then take a severe hit in dps on bosses. You need 15.77 points of hit rating for each 1% to hit, so make sure you're covered.

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