Friday, February 8, 2008

Guild Drama

Unfortunately, The Endless had a bit of guild drama this week, with several of our top raiders (including the guild master) quitting and heading off to another, "more progressed" guild. This isn't exactly big news, but it tends to sting a bit for those left behind. The grass is always greener, and pretty much everyone talks up their guild at any opportunity, even if they're all a bunch of complete muppets.

Their departure leaves our raid crew with a number of serious holes that we'll either need to fill through recruiting, or through the development of existing members. The great thing was that after the initial dismay bomb, the remaining senior guildies leaped into action, organizing runs for ZA and Gruul, and even booking a Lurker run for next Monday. We successfully downed Gruul, but it was very messy and there were a number of wipes. I'll be pleasantly surprised if we punch Lurker in the gills, but the important thing is that we're all continuing to push forward.

I'm actually quite keen to run Zul'Aman, since I've only seen the first couple of bosses, and the loot is rather nice. Switching back to a ten man instance does seem like a bit of a step backwards, which isn't good for guild morale. It should help to gear people up though. Wish us luck.

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