Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good, Bad, Ugly

I'm still having all manner of problems with my ADSL in the evenings, which is making WoW a bit of a nightmare. Everything dropped out at exactly 7pm (just when the SSC raid was being formed) and after an hour on the phone with IINet tech support going through the standard routines, they agreed that there really was a fault, and that someone from second level support would give me a call back in the next 24 hours. Then at 8:45pm, the line came up and everything was peachy again.

I didn't hold a lot of hope for getting back into SSC, but I managed to swap in just after the Lurker trash was cleared. We wiped once, and on the second go downed the salty old bugger. It was an eventful fight too, with Lurker submerging on 1% health, and leaving many in the raid thinking he was dead as a new wave of adds arrived and wrecked havoc. A few surprised people went down in screaming heaps, but we managed to CC enough of them to stay alive and polish the big guy off when he came up for air.

Getting Lurker down was good stuff, both for the raiders involved and for the guild as a whole. It's much harder for parasite guilds to poach players when we're actually downing bosses. The loot was good too - the main tank got his Mallet of the Tides, and I scored the leatherworking Pattern: Belt of Natural Power. Apparently this makes the best druid tanking belt in the game, and one of our feral druids went a little nuts when it dropped. I've promised to make it for him when I get the two Nether Vortexes (vortices?), although I really have no idea when that will be. TeePee rightly pointed out that the druid should have to pay DKP for me to get the Vortexes for the purpose of making the belt, as there are probably other people who want them as well. This seems to make sense - I hope people understand the process.

Getting that belt pattern suddenly makes me very, very attractive to feral druids, which makes the recent Feral Guard comic even funnier. Ladies, the line starts to the left. Wait, the Horde's druids are all Tauren! Runnnnnn!

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